Trying to reach peace

Peace, everybody has a different definition for that. It only matters of the person, who you are and what is your current style of living. For some the fact that money can buys everything is clear, but for some other it’s just a wrong sentence. It’s a long time that I’m trying to understand the missing of peace that everyone is seeking. Some people are tying so hard and working just to earn and build a peaceful life for themselves. Some other are already rich and they are trying to find peace by trying new stuff that rakes them out from their boring classical life. It’s true that human is seeking for what he does not have.
I had a lonely friend who his biggest wish for his life was to have someone to love him. But the truth is it goes like when you get what you wanted you will still want something else. I’ve seen how people change, the very same person who always looked for a true love turned to be a player. What did went wrong? I believe that nothing was Wong. He has just reached the point that he supposed to reach before stepping into his new style of ideas and thinking.

I hope someday I’ll find a true reason to explain this things that has hunted my mind all these time.

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