Just got Android Wear 1.4 on my Moto 360 2nd Gen

Today morning I woke up by taking off my moto 360 from the charging dock after playing a while with my phone on the bed, and it was when I saw the message on the screen saying software update is available and swipe to upgrade. Well I was too excited. I knew it is not going to be some minor update version. I knew it is going to be 1.4. I followed the upgrade instruction right away, the phone gone restarted and I was really excited to check out the new features.

moto360 AndroidWear 1.4

it is not a long time that I have this watch and it is great but in some points I could feel performance issues and lag in the menus. That was kinda disappointing but I can confirm this update has fade all those lag issues away. The UI is extremely responsive and nice.

There is not much of difference in the UI. the icon to set the watch in do not disturb mode is kinda bigger now. the one that you see by swiping from top of the screen to bottom. Yeah what we call it quick settings. and the Google now Icon now is the Mic icon same with the phone instead of the Red G. that is all that I can say about changes in the UI. the rest is mostly similar to past.

There is a new cool feature in settings app to control permissions that app can have over your watch sensors and data. Just like what has been introduced in Android marshmallow now you can restrict applications to access certain data on your watch such as the storage or the sensors.

There are 5 New gestures introduced with this update. to scroll up, down, get into a card and  closing them and also closing everything on the screen and showing the home screen with a hand gesture. this is a cool change and I’m happy about it.

Well that’s all that I found out myself after doing the upgrade. I’ll be checking out doze and other features and will write up about them if I found something cool.


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