The Term Opera Turbo is Back in Opera 22


With the latest Opera 22 version stable update, Opera changed back the “Off Road Mode” term into it’s traditional name of “Opera Turbo”. Ever since the new generation of Opera has been released “Opera Turbo” was renamed to “Off-Road Mode”. Opera Turbo or Off-Road mode is a compressing technology that compresses all the web pages elements such as pictures to reduce their size and consume a lower bandwidth on users computer who are on low INTERNET connection or have limited quota. This is being done by opera servers and basically you will be loading a copy of optimized page of your desired website from Opera servers, thus this feature is not working fine in countries like Iran which are implementing a heavy censorship on theĀ INTERNET websites.

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Lastpass goes annoying if you’ve got multiple accounts

LastPass is getting me annoyed these days. thus right now at 1:14AM I decided to totally deactivate it. if you are developer and director like me, I’m sure you will be having multiple accounts in many online services and websites. well one of the biggest annoying issues of lastpass is that it can store only one record for each site! I can’t have all my user names and the passwords associated with them in lastpass! how ever I’m kind of happy with the decision I made because somewhere deep in my hear I really hate the idea of storing my passwords in someone’s else server, no matter how secure they claim they are or what type of encryption they use, ebay uses encryption, many others used to use too! who can give you 100% safely guarantee! it’s about passwords. imagine what can you lose if all your passwords as a package be delivered to a hacker. Yeah I guess I’ve done the right ting.

Lemme know what is your idea about lastpass and how do you use it in your daily life.


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