Laravel Auth::login() doesn’t work after registration

Are you one of those Laravel developers who is having trouble authenticating their freshly created users by calling Auth::login() method? Then continue reading this. If you are using a non-incrementing primary key for your user table, there is a high chance that you have trouble with authentication sessions in Laravel. This is especially the case […]

docker-machine for better Docker on OSX

A while ago I published a blog post about Dockerizing my php development environment, soon after that I learned about the poor i/o performance of docker-containers on MacOSX.  While that is manageable for small projects where there are not much I/O happening between multiple containers, I was stunned by how bad it could get after […]

LaraDock: Dockerizing my PHP Development Environment

As a PHP Developer I’ve always had instances of webserver, php & database server running as first level services on my Development machines. I can claim that configuring LAMP (recently LEMP) stack was always one of the first things I’d do when I get a new machine. I’ve been using Docker for running other services […]