Fix: Adaway no free space problem on miui/ roms

If there is one reason for me to root my devices that would be system wide AdBlocking without compromising battery and performance.

That being said Adaway has been my best friend for the past 5-6 years and I’ve had it on every single Android based devices of mine.

a while ago I picked up an Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 for multimedia purposes which immediately after receiving it I attempt to unlock. The process took a good 7 days of my time (thanks to xiaomi). Anyway I flashed and magisk afterwards.

When I tried to apply Adblocking on Adaway I got this message that there is not enough disk space left on some system partition, and Adaway was suggesting me to change the target hosts file location to /data/data/hosts and creating a symbolic link. Doing some researches I was not able to find a clean solution (other than creating a symbolic link manually in recovery mode).

So I found that this can be resolved by using systemless hosts feature in magisk.

  • Point back the target hosts file to /etc/hosts
  • Open Magisk manager
  • Click on “Systemless Hosts” in Magisk’s settings
  • Reboot your device
  • Launch Adaway and re-apply Adblocking! 

Thats all, that should do it, I hope it helps some of you folks out there.

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