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Today I had to move this MODX site of my client from his test URL to the main domain! well I should admit that changing the site URL for MODX as a cms can only be done after following a large list of stupid steps! there are multiple config files that stores the path of different locations of the site. by the way it can be considered good too. for example in some cases if the developer want to use different paths for their website (let say some sort of load balancing and having different disk locations) it can be done! but anyway it still does not sound logical to do all those steps while changing the URL location. By the way if by any chance you ended up here looking for a solution to change your MODX site url I suggest you to follow this tutorial provided by MODX site. there are other tutorials available which may be different in some ways but I suggest you to follow this one as I can confirm the safety of the process. make sure you do the re-uploading of setup folder to do the final upgrade of your existing installation.


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