How to change Hostmaster Email Address in cPanel

change hostmaster email address in cpanel

if you check your DNS using tools like you will see in the SOA record part there is a section that shows an email address which is set in your Basic WHM/cPanel Settings. if you wish to change this value you simply can change it from the Basic WHM/cPanel settings but it will not change this value for current DNS zones. In order to change it for current zones you need to change edit each zone using Edit DNS Zone Feature in WHM. but what if you have a lot of zones then you can follow my instructions to change them all at once.

to proceed to change the email address for all zones first login into your server using ssh. then we require to change every .db file in /var/named directory! so to make sure that nothing is going to be wrong we need to create a backup of this folder.

navigate to the folder using:

cd /var/named

Create the backup using:

cp -a /var/named /var/named-backup

now change the addresses using following command, make sure you need a . after .com!

replace "" "NEW.ADDRESS.COM." -- *.db

now update the serials for each zone using:

find /var/named/*.db -mtime -1 -exec perl -pi -e 'if (/^\s+(\d{10})\s+;\s+serial/i) { my $i = $1+1; s/$1/$i/;}' '{}' \;

that’s all! now lets reload the zones using rndc.

rndc reload

hope you have enjoyed the tutorial.

change hostmaster email address in cpanel

if you have external dns servers (DNS ONLY) machines connected to your server use the synchronize  dns zones function in whm to sync everything with your other servers.

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