Subdomains and cloudflare!


With no doubt cloudflare is one of the most awesome services which are available for webmasters and provides a free subscription too. If you’ve never heard of cloudflare, you should know that cloudflare is a CDN (Content Delivery Network) which will make your website faster and more secure! Using a CDN also effects on server load and will decrease the server costs a lot.

Once you want to start using cloudflare you need to change your domain name server to theirs! and it happens after cloudflare scans all your DNS zones automatically while you are adding your website. But if you change something in your DNS zones after changing your domain name servers to their, then you have to add it up into your records table manually because cloudflare won’t be able to see those changes.

So anyway let say you have added a subdomain to your website, in order to make it work while you are on cloudflare firstly you should login into your cloudflare account then from the setting button in front of your domain name click on “DNS Settings”.

subdomain cloudflare

Then add your subdomain as a n A record. Type your subdomain name! if you don’t know your Server IP just follow the one in top which is being used for your other Records. Then click on “I’m Done Entering .. “ and that’s it.

subdomain cloudflare

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