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Usually when people think about automobile performance they only think about horsepower and engine acceleration but it should not be forgotten that all these power generated by engine is useless if driver won’t be able to handle the car, thus it’s important for vehicle owners to make sure their car suspension system is healthy and effective. the suspension system which involves springs, shock absorbers and linkages play the role of connecting the vehicle to it’s wheels which allows the relative motion of these two. So it’s so important that the suspension system works perfectly and healthy to maintain the safety of driver and passengers, as if it does not function well the chances of losing vehicle control and having a bad accident is increased.

Pro Comp USA is offering a great complete suspension solution for drivers who want to maximize their vehicle performance. They offer suspension lift kit packages designed with custom shocks. Pro Comp USA is known as one of the top tire manufacturer in the industry of suspension solutions since 1998.

The vehicle performance, handling and overall ride are  the 3 important factor that always comes in Pro Comp USA’s design team consideration which results the best solution for your car whether you are looking to lift your vehicle or increase the handling and overall performance.

To this day, Pro Comp suspension lift kits are highly respected across the nation and continues to fit the needs of on-road and off-road enthusiasts alike.

Pro Comp offers nothing but the best in terms of performance and quality. You can expect each Pro Comp lift to come with all the necessary hardware needed to lift your vehicle.

ES-9000 and MX-6 Series shocks are two very popular items that come included with your Pro Comp Lift kit and are exclusive to the Pro Comp name. These mono-tubed nitro charged shock absorbers will go above and beyond expectations and offer maximum protection and precision while traveling on the road.

ES9000 Shocks are nitrogen gas charged to provide your vehicle with the smoothest high quality ride possible. Built on a twin tube 10 stage valving system ES9000 shocks can withstand even the toughest driving conditions and are the standard shock option when purchasing a complete lift kit.

MX6 Shocks are the upgraded solution available from Pro Comp. These shocks are built to last through precision as well as maximum adjustability. MX6 shocks differ from other shock types because of their inverted design allowing for greater clearance and protection from damage

*Detailed information on the different shock options located below

Pro Comp suspension lifts are a durable, complete solution for your Chevy/GMC, Dodge, Ford, Jeep, Lincoln, Nissan and Toyota. These kits are built to maximize performance as well as stability, control and comfort. After Purchasing and Installing a Pro Comp Lift Kit onto your vehicle important factors such as ride height and load support are taken care of resulting in a safer, more comfortable ride.

Pro Comp suspension lift kits allow for the addition of larger tires without altering the overall suspension while maintaining the lowest price and best guarantee around.

All stated above makes Pro Comp USA the best choice for you if you are looking for Suspension Lift kits for your vehicle. Click here to check their website out. You can call them through their Toll Free at 1-877-774-6473. There is also a Live help feature available in their website which you can directly contact their technicians and do all the needed discussions before purchase.

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