Insidious 2 is really insidiously horror


Yesterday I was in Midvalley  with my friends and we decided to go for a movie and since I was somehow too Horney for something scary there were no choice left but going for Insidious (Chapter 2). Well I should say this was one of tones of mistakes I’ve ever done in my life. This movie is not one of those who the director try’s to improve it as it’s the second one and it even got worse than the first one. I remember how stupid the first chapter was but it seems it got even worse in second. Insidious 2 was a failed recreation Fear of Possession combined with funny materials that totally messed the idea of getting viewers scared. The sudden screams and images were the only thing that insidious carry from a horror movie.

Although the 2 girl companying me to the movie were having their ears covered with their hands as they could not stand the sudden screaming scenes I was laughing on most of the horror moments of the movie.

Anyway if you have watched it, leave me a comment and tell me your own opinion but if you did not, I highly suggest you to reconsider before wasting your money on this.

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