wifi connection drops in every period?


Yesterday I went to my friend house to chill with him and while I was checking my stuff online I noticed that the connection suddenly dropped for a second then it connected again. I asked him why is it like that and he said ever since they setup the internet its like this for like every 2 hour something. Well it could be a issue with Wi-Fi router but there is always more chance of miss-configuration in such situations!

The Wi-Fi Channel setting may cause connection drops in some cases! So if you faced your Wi-FI keep dropping the connection the first thing you can do for troubleshooting it, is to go into the router configuration and set the channel manually. it’s a normal action that connection drops when the channel is being changed by router.

So yesterday I went straight into my friend’s Wi-Fi router setting and set it channel 6 manually and seems it was working fine after that.

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