Share Mobile Wi-Fi through USB


Yeah It’s crazy unless I say I’m using a PC. but not really. It’s on my laptop, don’t go with that think that my laptop does not have an Wi-Fi Ethernet. around a week ago the router that my internet provider gave to me got spoiled due to some kind of thunder thing ( I still cannot find a good reason for that ) and since I could not stand all the time waiting for them to come and fix it without internet so I decided to configure and connect my TP-Link router to the modem they provided (Maxis Fiber Network). Well the configuring succeed after a lot of struggling with that stupid Huawei modem but there was one thing wrong! all the computers and hand gadgets in my house could connect to the internet through the WI-FI router of mine but my own laptop not! I really could not find any reason that clears why the Wi-Fi connection is keep being dropped by my laptop! I can connect to any other wireless access point but this one! Anyway this thing made me to use my android phone (Lovely HTC Cha Cha) to share the connected Wi-Fi to my internet using USB Tethering feature. Well for now it is working as it is expected! Nicely Connected hehe. So I suggest you to try the same thing in case in a very rare condition you stuck in the same situation with me.

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