Swimming Pool, Endah Villa

Endah Villa Swimming Pool

it’s been for days that our swimming pool is getting greener and greener, its more like a swamp than a swimming pool. well I have no Idea why the management is not doing anything about it as it’s not only about the people who cannot swim but it effects the environment too! In Malaysia things spoil so fast than even you can imagine! forgetting the fact that I might be involved in what happened to the swimming pool as I just had this idea of swimming this weekend there are some problems occurring with mosquitoes.  I was kind of wondering why these days I am challenging a lot of them and just now before taking this picture I elaborated the cause for myself!

I did not dare to get near to it anyway but I assume it might be smelly too! wondering how does people eat at the restaurant which is next facing the left side of the swimming pool in the picture.

Date : 10/17/2013 Thursday Afternoon.

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