Google Chrome is Showing Blank after Page Load on Android


It seems a lot of android users are reporting the bug that shows a blank page in Google chrome after the page loads. in this topic in Google forum more than 200 user has posted the similar issue they were facing on their phones. This issue seems to be first occurred at July and although Google chrome has given out different update versions this issue is still persist.

How to Fix it?

there are two way of getting rid this issue. which are:

Uninstall Chrome Updates!

The only way to continue using Chrome while not facing this bug is to remove the recent updates of this browser from your phone! to do this you should go to your manage apps settings and you will be able to find the option “Uninstall Updates”. as Google chrome comes with many android devices as a system app this option exists. while this will fix the issue temporary but you may not be able to benefit from the latest features of Google chrome that has been added to recent releases.

Use an alternative browser

The alternative way is to migrate to other available android browsers until Google comes up with a permanent solution to this issue. It has bee told by Google forum members that many of the users has migrated to browsers like Dolphin Browser or Firefox.

I personally am using Opera as an alternative which I guess is performing faster and more close to what I need than Dolphin and FireFox. How ever I would suggest you to go for either Dolphin and Opera as I’ve tested both and I guess they can be a good replacement for Chrome.

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