How many of you have trashed your unpublished posts within 5 minutes.

well yeah that happens to all of us when we are posting something in Facebook, Twitter or other social networks that we remove and rewrite our status multiple time before posting it online, but how about the blogs. It has happened to me alot while I was talking about some subject in a 500 words article and I am sure I was certain about posting it, but all of sudden I change my mind and I totally trash it. I’m not talking about editing it and reposting it in another way, I just delete it like it never existed! Well that’s a fact it happens because I decide not to post it anymore but why does it take me to write it all down then only find out I’m giving it up, and I don’t want to talk about it! that somehow feels like getting close to someone you having a crush on then suddenly you skip the talk and forget it away! is that called as self-censoring? or maybe self-awareness of how stupid the topic I was writing about was!

I’m not sure about the answer for this one yet.

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