Fix HTC Cha Cha Memory Problem–Rooting Part1

Well hello everyone.

Since I’ve received a lot of request about tutorial about how to fixing HTC Cha Cha memory problem I’ve decidedFix HTC Cha Cha Memory Problem to write this detailed tutorial for you.

Well the steps we are doing to do to get it are:

  • Unlock Your HTC Cha Cha phone if it is Locked (S-ON)
  • Root Your Phone
  • Setup a ext3 partition on your memory
  • Install applications on the partition You’ve made using Application Called Link2SD

Before I start I need you to be aware the following steps will break your phone guarantee. I have no responsibility of what happens to your guarantee.

Before everything you need to find out whether your phone is S-ON or S-OFF.

What is S-ON?

S-ON stands for NAND Storage Security So if your phone status is S-ON it means the Storage Security is ON and if it is S-OFF it means it is OFF then Smile with tongue out

Check whether your phone is Locked or Not.

So here we want to find out whether our phone is S-ON (need to be unlocked) or S-OFF(hey lazy you survived.)

  1. First of all you need to disable fast boot. To do this go to “Settings > Power” then uncheck “Fast Boot”.
  2. Now turn off your phone.
  3. Press and hold Volume Down button then press Power button.
  4. In the recovery screen after HTC LOGO at the top left side you should see the Text S-ON or S-OFF.

So if your phone is S-OFF you don’t have to do anything. you can proceed to the next tutorial I’m going to post soon. If’ it’s S-ON follow below instructions.


To unlock your phone or putting it in S-OFF mode follow below steps:

  1. Open HTC Dev Website and register an Account there.
  2. Login to your account and click on Unlock Bootloader and then click on Get Stared.
  3. Confirm the terms that are reminding you, HTC is not responsible about what happens and your broken guarantee.
  4. scroll down, you will see some radio versions.if your phone Radio version doesn’t match the one which is written there make sure you updated your phone using Software Updates option in About menu in Settings.
  5. Follow the insturctions in HTCDev and Unlock your phone. Then continue to the next tutorial for Rooting HTC Cha Cha in my blog which is going to post after this article.

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  1. thanx…plz dunot delete these posts…these are very helpfull for beginers…i have to apply these process on my 3 htc chacha and 1 on my friends chacha..!

  2. hey mahdi
    i downloaded this file “adt-bundle-linux-x86” but i never got the option to run it. moreover “adp.exe” file was found nowhere, instead, i found “adb” but when i right clicked+shift, i just got the option of opening it, instead of “open command window here.”
    i have the htc sync (latest version) but still i never got anything that was mentioned in the “step 1 by htc” so, i just skipped on to step 2.
    but these files were still missing :
    i am sick of the internal memory problem now, please help me.
    i am eagerly waiting for your reply.

  3. HTC chacha, unlock bootloader will not S-on to S-off. HTCdev only helps to unlock the phone.

  4. My phone didn’t show s-on nor s-off !!! Although i followed ur directions step by step 🙁 what should i do now???

  5. Hello, i have htc chacha. And I have problem 😀 my telephone shows me S – Off, but there is written Locked. When I want open htc sync, I can’t do it, because no device connected. What should I do? 🙂

  6. are you sure you have selected HTC Sync on you phone display after connecting it to your computer?
    are you seeing your SD card in my computer?

  7. Yes 🙂 Finding HTC Sync on your pc. please wait… but thats all 🙁 then Unable to find HTC sync on your pc….. 🙁

  8. Yes i can see sd card,when I select Disk drive, also I can use my pc internet and so on, but i cant use HTC sync 🙂

  9. my question might be stupid, but are you sure htc sync is installed on your computer?
    try to download and install it on some other pc and try connecting your phone there and tell me the result.

  10. after installing Link2SD remove everything that is not worth to be there. even Remove FACEBOOK app. then download FACEBOOK app from market and MOVE TO SD CARD (but this option is only available in Link2SD (PAID) version) so you know what to do 😉 then install app one by one and transfer every app to memory card, before transferring make it sure you open the app ONCE it is necessary otherwise file may get crupt. this is the only best method that i have found since back 3 days lol.

  11. if it shows S-off all you need to do is get a ROOT FILE Google: “PH06img” and “su-”

    Remove battery for like 10 sec
    re-insert battery
    Press VOLUME DOWN KEY + Power KEY it will open BOOTLOADER
    wait and let it scan PH06img it will ask for install say YES
    when finished turn back your phone and rename PH06img to anything
    again go to bootloader by pressing DOWN KEY + Power KEY let it search “PH06img” it will not find since it renamed
    go to RECOVERY then Install ZIP FILE from SD CARD and select “su-”

    you are good to go make it sure Debug option is CHECKED as well as UNKNOWN Sourced check under the Setting —-> Application hope this helps

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