Fix HTC Cha Cha Memory Problem second part: rooting

Mahdi Hazaveh HTC CHACHA

Hi there, I’m here again with the second part of the tutorial on how to fix HTC Chacha memory problem via rooting and installing your applications on SD card.

Well in the last part I’d taught you how to find whether your phone is S-OFF or S-ON and how to unlock it.

Now we shall start with rooting the device. make sure you read the steps carefully.


Well there are 2 zip files here that I’ve uploaded for you to download. This files has been taken from XDA-Developers website. |

1. Extract the in the same folder which you used for HTCDev unlocking process. after Extracting this compressed file you should be able to see recovery.img in the folder.command window

2. Now hold Shift and right click on the empty spaces on the folder so you will be able to see Open Command Prompt menu.

3. Make sure you still have Fast Boot disabled in your Settings > Power menu on the phone, then switch off your phone . Press and hold Volume Down button then press Power button.

4. Once you got into the bootloader use Volume Down button to highlit Fastboot option.

5. Now press Power Button.

6. Now connect your phone to your computer and get back to the Command Prompt window you had opened a while ago.

7. Type: adb devices and press Enter button. You must see your device listed in there, otherwise something is wrong. try again the above steps.

8. If you saw your device listed there, then type fastboot flash recovery recovery.img and then press enter.

Congratulation! you have Clock WorkMod Recovery Installed on your device now!

9. Put the super user file you just downloaded “” in your SD card root folder. (means main folder)

10. Repeat Step 3. Once you got into bootloader Select Recovery option using Volume Down key. Press Power Button. Select install ZIP from SD card and press return key. locate and press the return key.

It’s over, You have successfully rootet your phone. You must be able to see the Super User app installed on your phone. Update the application. There is a Update Option inside the application itself. Or you may use Google Play.

Now it’s time for using Link2sd to install applications into your SD card.

Before I post the new Tutorial I suggest you to purchase a Fast SD Card with high number of Class! Like Class10 because later you will face problems if you are using a normal Class2 SD card.

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  1. So basically you :
    1. root your phone
    2. installed link2sd and moved your apps to sd card/ second partition?
    your application files must be in second partition now! it must be fixed your problem a bit.
    if it is working install titanium backup on your phone! and then move all your apps data to sd card too!

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