Fix: Surface Pro 3 Randomly Ejects Micro SD Card

I bought a 64GB Samsung Micro SD card for my Surface Pro 3 around 2 months ago and used it for all my static files, cloud drives and etc. around 2 weeks ago I encountered this issue that the micro sd card was being ejected and reinserted into the machine randomly.  This was annoying because Onedrive and my other apps were complaining that the directory is not accessible.

After looking up over the similar problem online I found out that many others are experiencing the same issue with their surface pro 3 and micro sd cards.

Seems like that the latest Realtek Drivers is causing this issue. The only way to solve this issue for now is to remove these drivers from your machine and run an windows update.

After that you should reboot your machine, by doing that windows will again try to download the latest drivers which are faulty. but then you can go to device manager and use “Roll Back Driver” function. this will revert it to the old driver and prevents the automatic updates to replace it with the faulty ones.

So lets go through the steps of doing this a bit more detailed:

  1. Go to Device Manager and under “Universal Serial Bus Controllers” Uninstall the realtek card reader driver.
  2. Restart your machine and then run Windows update.
  3. Go back to Device manager and find the same driver and go to “Properties”.
  4. Click on Driver tab and then click on the button “Roll Back Driver”.

This should fix the driver issue. it is been around 4 days passed since when I applied this remedy and ever since that my SD Card issues are completely resolved.

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  1. Hi there,

    thanks for sharing the fix.

    One thing: are the steps 3 and 4 supposed to be done right after running Windows Update or shall I restart first (just as Windows Update prompts me to do) ?


  2. Yes.
    When you run Windows Update it will download the bad driver again. and by doing step 3 and 4 you will tell windows that you basically do not want that driver to be installed on your next attempts to update.

  3. Without restarting (as I am continually uninstalling) I just did stage 3 & 4 and my driver vanished and my SD drive re-appeared.
    Lets see how this goes.


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