Fix: Surface Pro 3 is not going to deep sleep in Windows 10

Surface Pro 3 Deep Sleep Mode

By default Surface Pro 3 will go into deep sleep (hibernate) mode once you don’t use it for around 4 hours. which is basically a good feature. it helps a lot with the battery.

Recently I realized that my surface pro 3 which is running latest version of windows 10 is not going to that state any more.

What I did was checking a lot of stuff in the sleep study report but the fix was much simpler than that.

To Fix this go to : Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Power Options\Edit Plan Settings and Then click on Change Advanced Power Settings.

Open the sleep section and under hibernate after set your desired value for battery use.

That’s it. I chose to put the value of 120 minutes at there anywhere. but you can set it to 240 to get the same 4 hours back.



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