How to change WordPress site URL from Database

Hello everyone. Before anything I would like to show my respect to all those people who has lost their life in the typhoon in East Asia. Today I’m going to show how to change the WordPress site URL through the database. Well it might comes handy in case you have mistakenly changed your website url in the WordPress settings and you cannot access the admin panel anymore. It also is one of the steps that should be taken while moving a WordPress website from one server to another. Well first of all you have to access the Database of your WordPress. Assuming you are using MySQL and PHPMYADMIN. So I’ve opened my database through PHPMyAdmin, as you can see below:

Now click on “Browse” link in front of “wp_options” table. Now click on “Edit” link on the first row which is “siteurl“.

Enter the new value and then click on “Go” button.

That’s it! Please be aware in some cases there are other URL values in your database which should be change if you are totally changing your domain! For example some plugins store URL of the website!



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