Remove site from Bitdefender Blacklist

Secure your every bit, is what they say but well sometimes it hurts too. Long ago on this blog there was some sort of iframe injected, better to say my blog was hijacked by malwares, and since then seems bitdefender blocked my website. All the users who were running this anti-virus program were seeing a warning before entering my blog which meant I lose a lot of potential visitors. The malware did not last long on my blog because I did actions that had to be done once I saw the notification from the Google Webmaster tools, but seems the bitdefender list is not capable of re-checking the websites and remove those which are not harmful from the blacklist. Few days ago (more than 8 months after the malware thing) one of my friends who is using bitdefender told me that he cannot access my blog and he described the error for me. It’s the time when I found that they have blocked me, well I was kind of pissed and I knew the only way to get rid of it is to contact them! What is worse than that was there are no contact options for guests in their website and there is no email address stated for contacting them! It was a bit not technical, anyway I tried my chance and sent an email to [email protected] and it turned out that this email existed. They turned my email into a support request, after few hours they replied me and said they send my address to their lab to check. They also provided this URL which allows you to submit your URL and asked me to use it in future cases.

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