Fix internal memory problem HTC Chacha

HTC Chacha

Well now I am totally satisfied of my little beautiful chacha! the only thing that bothered me too much was the lack of internal memory. Well if you are looking for a guide to help you increase it or any tips I must tell you, better stop. The only way to do such thing is to make your phone to install the applications in SD by default.

This can be done by using Android SDK and a tiny free app called APP2SD.

(hey remember you don’t have to unlock or either root your phone)

Ok to start download HTC Sync. Check this page for the latest version and tutorial. I don’t want to post crap links.

Download Google Android SDK as well. Open it and install Android tools

Ok lets start.

  1. Connect your phone to your PC using HTC sync. make sure that you are under HTC Sync.
  2. navigate to the directory that SDK is installed. then find tools folder where the file adp.exe is exist in.
  3. press Shift button and right click on the folder and click on “Open command window here”.
  4. In the command prompt enter “adb shell”. it must give you an error and if you try it again your HTC Sync will be disconnected and you will be on USB debugging mode which is correct.
  5. so after second time you tried the command you will see a new line which is started by $ and allows you to type your commands in. then type “pm setInstallLocation 2” and press enter. in the next line don’t do anything and leave it for around 30 second and the shell will be closed automatically.
  6. after this your applications from Google play will be installed in your SD and you will have more internal memory space.
  7. another thing you should do is to go to google play and install app called APP2SD.
  8. this app will help you to move the rest of installed applications on your phone to your SD memory.


Enjoy! Chacha is Lovely.

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  1. tell me what you don’t understand more clear.
    install the sdk and htc sync and go to the folder you have installed the sdk. you will be able to find the files adb and other stuff.
    don’t forget to turn debugging mode on!

  2. thank you . I guess it worked I found adb moved to htc sync folder and started from there . i can donwload more apps but some apps wont be moved still .. thanks alot

  3. i did not find the open command window here part, but i did all the other steps correctly
    what should i do?

  4. I’ve got relatively close to doing this but little things are tripping me up,could I email you for a more in depth tutorial? would be a massive help. Regards.

  5. i am not getting $ sign even after getting an error……please tell me what should i do….i need your help…please tell.

  6. as u told that ” HTC Sync will be disconnected and you will be on USB debugging mode which is correct.”
    i am still connected to htc sync even after getting the error twice……my htc sync is not closing automatically…please upload a video on youtube demonstrating how u did it….please help..

  7. when i put “adb shell” in, it doesn’t give an error or disconnect, it would go directly to “$”
    i already tried resetting the phone to factory settings, re-installing SDK and HTC Sync, any suggestions?

  8. Hello Everyone.
    Sorry for late reply. I was kind of busy with projects and university these days.
    regarding the ADB you must be able to find it in the android SDK as i told you in the tutorial.
    Since you all have problem with this method I think its better if I make a video and tutorial about how to root your HTC chacha and use Link2sd software to install applications on SD card.

    I will post it on the blog soon.

  9. Dear Mahdi,

    I am trying to free some internal memory, following your steps. i have installed SDK on my laptop. after that i am lost. Please help.

  10. I am unable to locate file “adp.exe” in Tools folder.

    Please guide me in this how to fix it.

  11. The adb tool has moved to platform-tools/

    If you don’t see this directory in your SDK,
    launch the SDK and AVD Manager (execute the android tool)
    press on tools -> android sdk manager -> and install “Android SDK Platform-tools” then you should be able to see adb.exe in the folder called platform-tools
    Example : C:\Users\\AppData\Local\Android\android-sdk\platform-tools

    Hope this works for you 🙂

  12. meeeeeeeeerc mehdi, damet garm, ali boood, aliiiiiiiiii kheyli komakam kardddd, ye alame gashtam

  13. Real am so disapointed from the disturbance i get from this fucking chacha bout internal memory! Damn

  14. chacha is a good phone! I am currently having more than 50 app installed and still got 120 mb of memory freed!
    all you need is to follow the instructions I’ve posted!
    and at the end use titanium backup to move the application data to the sd card as well! you will require to use symlinks.

  15. when i put “adb shell” in, it dosen’t give an error or disconnect, it would go directly to “$”
    than wen i type “pm setInstallLocation 2” there the cmd works and dosen’t close even after a while please give me suggestions?

  16. Hello, I made it through steps 1 – 4 but I do not get the error message after entering “adb shell” and the HTC Sync doesn’t disconnect and go into USB debugging mode. If I could get past this step I think I would be okay. I hope this works because I really like the phone but am sick of the low internal memory alerts all the time. How do I make sure that the debugging mode is turned on?

  17. Hi Mahdi, I like the first set of instructions better, this is to not root or unlock your phone, the instructions sound very complicated and scary when you unlock and root your phone. If you could please help with the problem I am having from the first set of instructions. I figured out how to turn on the debugging but when I get to step 4 I do not get the error message and the HTC Sync doesn’t disconnect. I simply get the new command line with the $ symbol. I tried entering the new command “setInstallLocation 2” and get a new line with the $ symbol but then nothing happens after that. I feel I am almost there, so close, if you could just help me finish and get more memory.

  18. Hi steve,
    did you wait? it must be disconnected after around 30 second.
    Please retry and tell me the result. by the way i suggest you go with rooting tutorial. this way just set the default installation on SD and it is working only for applications which are capable of being installed on sd card.
    check Here to see what will you get if you follow my instructions on rooting.

  19. Hi Mahdi, I must have done something right. I found another command on the web called “adb shell pm getInstallLocation” and the response came back as 2[external]. Problem is, all of my apps from Google play are still on internal memory and I haven’t gained any additional space for memory. When I use the APP2SD app it says nothing cam be moved?

  20. moving applications through app2sd is working for apk file only. the most usage of applications on your device from memory is the data file.
    what you have to do is to see my other tutorial regarding how to root htc chacha and then use combination of link2sd and titanium backup to move both library files and data files into your sd card. make sure you’ve got a class 10 sd card because it matters how fast your sd card is in order to make your phone smooth.

  21. Just two amendments i made those were, this was the folder name for me “platform-tools” and “adb.exe” was the file name.

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