Maybank2u application or the mobile version?

Have you had one of those days when you are outside and you have to transfer some money urgently to someone through your bank account? well I had one just today. Since I was prisoned in a Gym I could not access to my computer so the only chance was my lovely HTC Cha Cha. Well I did not think there will be a problem until after spending a long while to load maybank website on my device I found that it is not possible to transfer the money to those who are not your favorite 3rd parties. Well I just did not undrestand is that a security matter or not. if someone have your password and your account number how and even the phone that is being used to receive the tac code, how can maybank prevent the scam and theif by limiting the features of online banking? 

Well I think i don’t have to expect more from Malaysia. They all are just acting like they went through technologies too much although they are not.

I think maybank has to consider some more about the features that they have disabled in the mobile version of their website or either their application. because I don’t really think that saves anyone from the danger of theifs or hackers.

Anyway. I just changed the browser agent of my phone browser from the phone so their website did not detect that i’m using a phone, and I did my transection successfully. 


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