About 10 months ago when I was leaving Malaysia, I had to sell my Yamaha YDP-141 after almost 10 years. Although I was not playing often recently, it was heartbreaking and sad for me to sell it off.

Although I promised myself that I will buy a Piano again when I am settled here, I knew that would not happen any time soon, but thanks to Corona (Covid-19) some time ago during the quarantine I realized how much playing an instrument could help with the boredom and escaping the reality we were in. 

While looking around for a suitable Digital Piano within my budget, I found multiple models from Thomann that looked interesting, especially when compared to the Yamaha YDP series which I previously owned. But it was really hard to know whether they are any good or not, mainly because we were stuck at home so possibly finding one in a shop and trying it out in person was off the table.

I had no choice but to look for reviews online and comparisons of them against Yamaha, but honestly, I couldn’t find many resources, especially in English. I came across many posts and comments in Reddit, youtube and other websites where people were suggesting these Piano’s are crap and highly advise on getting a Yamaha instead.

But for me, the price difference between a YDP and DP series was too much, knowing I played piano for 15 years now I didn’t want to get something crappy, but I also knew that I do not play often enough that I need a high-end device. I just needed something decent. 

finally, I ordered a Thomann DP-95 white, after a long delivery time when I finally received it 2 weeks ago. 

Is it any good?

Yes! it is, the key’s weight is almost comparable to the Yamaha YDP Series (at least YDP-141), This was one of my biggest concerns that I don’t end up with something that feels cheap and like a beginner keyboard. I would say the sustain pedal keeps the sound a bit shorter compared to YDP-141, but I am quite fine with it. 

Does it Sound good?

It certainly does, I can point that it sounds different compared to my YDP-141 but it is completely fine for me, I’ve played with other brands such as Samick, Casio, and even some old small acoustic pianos and this is no way worse than any of them. I do feel it that the volume is a bit lower than my Yamaha though. 

In general, I would say this piano is really good for its price and I have no regret at all choosing it over a YDP Arius series.

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