VitoDeploy: opensource alternative to Laravel Forge

In this post, I will introduce you to a friendly open-source server management tool VitoDeploy, a project beautifully crafted and thoughtfully designed by one of my best friends Saeed.

VitoDeploy is a self-hosted server management tool aimed to make it easy to bootstrap servers and easily deploy PHP applications. In a nutshell, Vito is a perfect open-source alternative to what we all know as Laravel Forge.

Vito itself is written in Laravel PHP, and it brings all the features you need to manage your newly deployed PHP application to the table for free.

Here are some of the key features of VitoDeploy:

Server Management

Vito Supports most cloud server providers out of the box, the list contains Amazon AWS, Linode, Digital Ocean, Vultr, and Hetzner. but it does not stop here, You can use any custom server or VM with VitoDeploy as long as you have SSH Access to the server.

Database Management

The database management feature makes it easy to setup database servers such as MySQL an MariaDB with few clicks. What is best here is Vito can help you with setting up backups for your database which makes managing your own database server a breeze.

Site Management

The site management feature allows you to deploy your PHP & Laravel applications to your newly bootstrapped server with few clicks.

SSL Support

The SSL management feature allows you to secure your newly deployed application via the GUI. You’re able to use either Custom SSL certificates or simply ask Vito to provide you with a free Letsencrypt certificate.


Vito makes running queues as easy as they can be, you can use the GUI to instruct supervisor.d to manage your running queues such as Laravel Queues or Symfony Consumers.

Manage Server Services

The service management component provides a nice and intuitive GUI to manage the running services on your server.


Vito uses the UFW firewall by default, and you will be able to use the GUI to fully control your firewall rules and allow access to different ports on your server.

Cron Jobs

It’s almost impossible to find a web application out there that does not have scheduled tasks! Vito makes it easy to manage your crontab entries through the UI without the need to even touch the terminal.

an this not everything, VitoDeploy comes packed with other features such as Logs, SSH Key management, PHP Version Management, and Redis support.

if you are about to launch your new application or web project to the public, you should definitely check VitoDeploy out. not only Vito can be a direct alternative to Laravel Forge, but it can also be a tool for indie developers who like to keep things managed by themselves.

The best thing about VitoDeploy is that you don’t even need a server to host it on. You can simply have Vito running locally on a container or a virtual machine and have it as the control center to manage your PHP servers with ease.

Let me know if you gave VitoDeploy a try and tell me what you think about it.

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