Yum? mysql, apache and php?

Most of us are using webservers which are running a control panel which installs and build each service by itself! But what if you want to install a development package or something that is not provided with your control panel. Cpanel is the most complete and powerful control panel in my point of view because it will install everything complete but what if you are using more simple things like directadmin. Last project that I was doing in Data Center needed mysql-devel package. It was a directadmin server which won’t install this package by default. If I wanted to install this package I should have to build and install mysql by myself which would break directadmin. So anyway I had to do it but that is the time we see yum isn’t working. I have been asked from many people about is our yum have any problem cause they could not install this packages with yum. To answer them I should say when you install a control panel like direct admin which compile and build each service by itself your yum.conf will be edited to prevent installing these packages directly. So the way is to have a look at /etc/yum.conf. Look at exclude list. You will see mysql* and … .

Uncheck it and install your package easily, it may break your control panel. But after building it again through control panel everything will be OK.

Have Good Times boys with Yum Cool

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