Back Track 5

Finally gnome is here! the only thing I missed in Back Track and made me to hate it by forgetting about all its features! Now it is here! I can tell you that it is just awesome. Incoming search terms:back track5

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Make your Visual Basic application run as administrator

Hey there. I know that many of you are programming applications which need administrator permission to write on Operation System disk or do whatever that needs admin access. Incoming search terms:vb run as administratorvb6 run as administratorvisual basic run as administratorrun as administrator vb6vb runasrunas vb6vb6 runasvisual basic administratorrun as administrator visual basicrun as administrator… Continue reading Make your Visual Basic application run as administrator


it is couple of days already that server (my new project) stops working and I need to do a hard reset using remote control panel. just after migrating apache to nginx! what do you think if your server load looks awesome but suddenly after about 5 or 6 hour your server crashes with a… Continue reading tmpwatch

Benchmarking Project – Holy ShiT

I bet it only happens once that a 7200RPM hard disk goes faster than a 15000RPM and it is When Computer wants show me FUCK Finger! 450 MB in  3.00 seconds = 149.84 MB/sec is for 15K the other one… Click on the image twice to see it in the real size