Repair or Optimize all MySQL Databases in SSH

mysqlcheck gives you this ability to repair, optimize and analyze databases stored in your server. one of the good uses of this app is to mass repair, optimize or analyze all the existing databases on the server. In order to achieve any of those mysqlcheck can be used as below: mysqlcheck –all-databases -r #repairs all […]

Yum? mysql, apache and php?

Most of us are using webservers which are running a control panel which installs and build each service by itself! But what if you want to install a development package or something that is not provided with your control panel. Cpanel is the most complete and powerful control panel in my point of view because […]

sql-bench damn man!

Today was the third day of my official working in a DATA Center. After getting over all problems of VMWare and other stuffs, Working on SQL-BENCH started. It was such a hard thing to do because the servers that I supposed to benchmark were running directadmin as a contorl panel which by default does not […]