Repair or Optimize all MySQL Databases in SSH

mysqlcheck gives you this ability to repair, optimize and analyze databases stored in your server. one of the good uses of this app is to mass repair, optimize or analyze all the existing databases on the server.

In order to achieve any of those mysqlcheck can be used as below:


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Linux ls to show file size in GB or MB

Today morning I was with one of my friends, and we were trying to figure something then we reached a point that he did a “ls” command to see the file details and sizes, well he used “ls -l” a very good and useful command but then I find him strugelling with calculating the file size, so I guided him with the h extension. In Linux most of the times when you are dealing with file sizes you can use h extension which stands for human readable. so what its very easy all you have to do is to add h to end of your switches.

like this:

so the result will be something like this instead of showing bytes:

Hope it’s helps you someday.


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How to install Xfce on CentOS

How to install Xfce on CentOS

Here we go. I need to install some sort of desktop environment on my server in order to be able to use it for something later on! So I’m about to install Graphical Interface. As this latest version of Gnome is kind of sucky for a server I’m not going to go with Gnome, so I’ve choose XFCE which is a light weight desktop manager for Linux.

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Linux Screen Application

Sometimes you have to use SSH to get some jobs done in Linux! So what if you need to run multiple applications under SSH? Well the first solution is to open multiple SSH connections. Screen can make your life easier by letting you to have multiple windows on a single SSH session! But it’s not the reason I use this app really! one of the problems that administrators face while working on Linux servers is when the connection hiccups! it ruins your whole work sometimes if the session gets disconnected because of any reason! So screen can save your ass here as well! Anyway, enough for story… lets get to work with this!

Screen can be installed from source, RPM and … anyway we are going to use YUM to install it!

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  • Source:

re-index Magento using SSH


Sometimes using SSH to re-index Magento data is the best way to avoid the connection timed out problems in stores which have a big database. To avoid this you can run the re-index PHP code under SSH instead of web browser! to do it simply enter your Magento root folder in your SSH client and run following command:

# php shell/indexer.php reindexall

Make sure that you are in your Magento root folder!

You can use “php shell/indexer.php reindexall” as a cronjob command as well and run the re-index script based on a cycle you like.

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