Repair or Optimize all MySQL Databases in SSH

mysqlcheck gives you this ability to repair, optimize and analyze databases stored in your server. one of the good uses of this app is to mass repair, optimize or analyze all the existing databases on the server. In order to achieve any of those mysqlcheck can be used as below: mysqlcheck –all-databases -r #repairs all… Continue reading Repair or Optimize all MySQL Databases in SSH

Linux Screen Application

Sometimes you have to use SSH to get some jobs done in Linux! So what if you need to run multiple applications under SSH? Well the first solution is to open multiple SSH connections. Screen can make your life easier by letting you to have multiple windows on a single SSH session! But it’s not… Continue reading Linux Screen Application

re-index Magento using SSH

Sometimes using SSH to re-index Magento data is the best way to avoid the connection timed out problems in stores which have a big database. To avoid this you can run the re-index PHP code under SSH instead of web browser! to do it simply enter your Magento root folder in your SSH client and… Continue reading re-index Magento using SSH