sql-bench damn man!

Today was the third day of my official working in a DATA Center. After getting over all problems of VMWare and other stuffs, Working on SQL-BENCH started. It was such a hard thing to do because the servers that I supposed to benchmark were running directadmin as a contorl panel which by default does not install mysql-devel package. Although I have been …ed but at the end I took the benchmark from the first server which was a Virtual one. But the trouble just started today! I was trying to do the same thing but nothing would response. Tried to install mysql manually using baazar which I did in the last sever but the problems with launchpad and … . OH my GOD!

Now what I could do? Installing mysql-devel package myself! lets try yum install mysql-devel

what was the output?

[root@test sql-bench]# yum install MySQL-devel
Excluding Packages in global exclude list
Setting up Install Process
Nothing to do
[root@test sql-bench]#

Oh damn man! yum had problem in res. after 5 hour keep trying on editing yum finally I got nothing 😀 and it was annoying me the most!

I still have no idea how did I fix it! 😀 Cause just now at 5:15AM in my home I just fixed it!

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