“parse_ini_file” Damn You!

What was the project? To deploy the new version of website which was using Joomla 1.7. Well kind of upgrade which the company wanted from our guys. They sent me there at 11 am. Well as I expected it would take only like 10 minute to transfer the new website from the pen drive, and something like 20 minute to do the configuration.

Holy Crap, The language files are not loading and it’s showing joomla codes instead of translated languages in the backend. So what can be the problem? obviously something is wrong with language files. Oh God! me there and 2 other people on remote, we installed like 10 times more and uploaded language files and played with their permissions more than 50 times.

What the heck is wrong with this joomla? time is passed by 5, Oh God my eee 1016p battery is going to die! What to do now? it suppose not to take more than 5 hour. I came here without charger.

The last hope! was to install joomla again. 1.7 downloaded, I put it in a folder called joomla17 and run the installed. WTH, look even the installer is not showing right texts! its coming up with syntaxes. So what is up with it? well the only way now was google. version 1.5 was working well! so I would never think about if the server has some problem! oh Shit. we need “parse_ini_file” in joomla since version 1.6!

Steaming madI’m going crazy! why didn’t they tell me it as a requirement!? well obviously they never cared of it because in their testing server they did not have any function disabled.

This is bad man! Hot smile well they have to pay more now Laughing out loud. because I’m hourly.

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