How to Upgrade WHMCS Step by Step

How To Upgrade WHMCS?

WHMCS is one of the most popular and handy client management software which is being used by most of the hosting companies and also software developers and other kind of service providers! all the features are packed in a easy to use system and that makes it a good software! anyway today I’m going to upgrade my own WHMCS as there is a new patch released and I thought maybe I can post the upgrade process with screenshots and help those who are new to WHMCS.

Download the latest version!

well before anything you need to download the latest version of WHMCS. just open their website and follow your license in the services page and there you will see the download link of the latest version of the product. once you saved it on your computer unzip it.

How To Upgrade WHMCS?

Backup your current installation

it’s highly advised to make a full backup of your current installation! if anything goes wrong you can use the backed up version of your site.

Backup your customizations

if you’ve done changes in the language files to prevent losing them it’s better that you make a backup from them! after that you can remove the new lang folder delivered with new whmcs before upload! so nothing will be overwritten to your old files! you can do the same things for the templates too! in case you are using the default templates which are delivered by whmcs! I suggest them to delete the new ones from the version you’ve just downloaded.

Upload everything through FTP

Now Upload the new files into your website and overwrite everything!

How To Upgrade WHMCS?


Open the installation script at . accept their terms and click on upgrade! that’s it! you’ve upgraded your WHMCS! you will be required to remove the install folder after that.

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