Experience of Overclocking Brain with Ritalin

Well here is my own experience with Ritalin (or called Methylphenidate) which basically is a chemical drug which is being precept for people with ADHD (Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder). The chemical formula of the drug is designed to feed more glucose to your brain than normal amount that is being used and in result you will be more focused on things you are doing.

This medicine can be dangerous if it is being used in wrong conditions and it is highly recommended not to use it without any perception! anyway lets discuss about what you feel if you take the medicine while you are not an ADHD patient.

In the very first 30 minute you will feel your eyes are wider open and you won’t feel sleepy! if you start studying you will feel more focused and things around won’t easily interests you. this works for any other activities too, for example if you are listening to music you will kind of fall into it deeply.

it is not recommended to use the 10mg pill at once! so I’ve taken a half of it only at the time! I started to study! it felt like normal but actually I was more easy to remember my notes! it was almost like reading it for 2 times and remembering it! it feel more like you understand things better. But there are some tips for a better performance of using this drug which I found it out after taking it like for 3-4 time :

1. take juices which has natural sugar! (to provide more glucose)

2. take the pill before studying in a period before exam like 3-4 hour before exam and then start studying! it won’t give you a good result if you take it at night and study all night!

3. just take half of a 10mg pill! this medicine is dangerous and it may cause you brain attack in case you overdose it!

4. make sure you are fresh and just woke up before taking the pill! I believe it won’t work fine as it works on fresh mind if you take it while you are tired!

you will feel tired after around 5-6 hour of taking the pill and it’s because your brain activity was equal to 20 hour. the sleep I had after this period was like a faint more than a normal rest.

anyway there is no encouragement on taking this medicine by me! what I’ve told you is my experience and tips for better use of it in case you really want to give it a try.

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