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McDonaldsIt’s been a while that McDonalds launched it’s online ordering website in Malaysia! well it could be one of the best news of my life that day! but unfortunately I could not benefit from this amazing phenomena why? haha Open-mouthed smile because I had problem with defining my home address to that stupid website! well anyway 1 week ago I decided to try one more time, and then BINGO ! I found that my address is already there! but how? obviously it was not me who entered it! maybe its them, for sure they entered the address to the accounts based on the telephone number saved in their system! anyway… it’s a good news! So lets do some ordering and see how it works?


Well it seems quiet cool here! I have my address here to choose! in case there are multiple address! and everything seems prefect! the page design is also nice! and you don’t see stupid bugs caused by wrong Java and JQuery codes use.

Seems McDonald has worked on this thing quiet time! because to compare it with PizzaHut online delivery thing which is a complete disaster it seems very cool!




Well oh yeah! I browser through their offers and I found this little paradise here! the price is good! They have named it Beef Combo! well you know I’m a beef lover! so seems this one suits me! well its me an my friend and as this product says it is enough and suggested for like 2-3 person!

Anyway lets see what is included on this offer!

seems like there is no way to see what is in this package! I tried to click every where! and when I clicked on Add To Order:


POP it just added to my order list here! I can add or remove items from here! there is also this Quantity thing here than allows me to set the number of this order!

But I still don’t see any detailed information about what burgers or drinks are included here! seems like the client should relay on the image only!  Well anyway it seems there are 2 set of burgers which one is double cheese burger (MMM) and the other one is Lovely BIG Mac (which is mine!). I think there is something else there! I can’t be sure but I believe its Nuggets.


I was hoping its possible at least to see the detailed information of the package in the check out page! looks like they totally forget about it! and they rather to pay to the photographer than the web developer to describe the info. Anyway let me enter this security code and click on Complete Order. I’m hungry enough to leave them alone with their faulty no description thing! Winking smile


and Here it goes! when you see this sexy lady it means that everything went just the way it supposed to! they show up the order number here! they also indicated that they sent the order number to me through the mail too! this is good! the freaking PizzaHut does not do that! last time they delivered my Pizza with 2 hour delay and I could not even call them because I just skipped remembering my Order number because I was not expecting such thing to happen! anyway! I give the grade of 7/10 to McDonalds Online Delivery website in Malaysia! and It would be much higher if they would implement some description about the package while ordering to the user!

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  1. Mc Donald Online Order System and Register Online System is real stupid. Not User friendly at all.

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