Overcome Home Screen Redraws and Slow Home Screen on Moto G

Moto G is a great phone but it seems everything is going to fast in term of memory, the companies are coming with phones with larger amount of ram and our phones get slow and retarded in a short time.

I’m running latest Kitkat 4.4.4 and my phone is rooted. using Performance Control app helped me to overcome the redraws which recently happens a lot on Nova Launcher, I’m sure this must be happening to some of you in other launchers too.

Performance Control is an Open source app available on XDA which you can download it’s latest version here.

This app requires root and installed busybox. make sure you install the busybox libraries after getting it from Google Play, installing busybox alone won’t get it done.


After opening Performance Control navigate to Memory Settings and set “Minfree Taskkiller Presets” to Medium. check the tick for “Set on boot” and reboot your phone.

Hope it helps you too.

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