a Week with Arrow Launcher

It’s been a week that I received my new Moto X Pure edition. One of the first things that I was planning to do when I got the phone was trying out Arrow launcher. The Android launcher from Microsoft. Before anything I really admire how Microsoft does dedicate time to develop softwares for other platforms like iOS and Android, and is not following the dirty game that Google is Playing.

I really hate the fact that Google is denying all Windows Phone users and not developing any official app for Gmail, Youtube or … for em.

Anyway, Lets get to where I started. one of the first things that I wanted to try on this Phone was Arrow Launcher. I have tried to install it on my previous phone (Moto G 1st Gen) but to be honest the experience was not that Good.

I can blame it on the low hardware specifications of my old phone but yet it could be better, just like how other launchers like Nova or CM were lightweight and Optimized enough to run well on it. again lets not go there, I’m going to review this launcher in a proper environment where there is no hardware limitation that cause sluggishness on its experience.

Memory usage

The launcher itself uses around 60-80MB of ram most of the time. the memory stats on the phone shows in highest memory usage it was consuming around 180MB on my phone.

User interface

Categorizing the home screens is handy. at first I felt like limited. but I realized I do not need any more than 1 screen with my icons laying on them. The fact that the launcher keep tracks on the most used applications and sort them on the applications home screen is nice.

Arrow Launcher

But yet there are some things that could be done much better in my opinion.

  • The sorting of the apps is too fast. I know a single run can change in arrow’s stats about which app has been used more compared to others, but believe me you do not want to see your icon escape when you are pressing it because the arrow is reorganizing it on the screen. This happens quite number of times to me. when I tried to open an app and the icon just moved away. I think it would be better if they do all these organizing tasks in the background.
  • The home screen titles cannot be removed. I really like that I have a home screen for each purpose, lets say apps, widgets, reminders or people. But I really wish I could hide the title of my Widget home screen. Right now my main home screen is the widget one which I placed a clock the top-center of it. but the fact that I have to see the word “widgets” on top of my clock is kind of sucky, anyway I decided to bear with it. that is just some wish I have in me.

other than this working with Arrow is very simple and straight forward. It does everything you need in a simple form. The Bing daily wallpaper is also a good thing to help with your old and boring wallpapers.

Overall in term of design and effects arrow is nice, at least to me. it is something that I always need in a single package.

Bottom line, Good job Microsoft.





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