How to install nginx on cPanel

nginxnginx (is pronounced engine x) is a HTTP and reverse proxy server, as well as a mail server which is being mostly used for websites with high traffic. using nginx on a server to replace or tune apache will directly effect on better performance.

today I’m going to show you how to install this plugin called nginxCP on cPanel servers! I’ve been using this plugin for years on all the servers I managed but I never had a chance to blog about it!

well what this plugin does actually is to use the reverse proxy feature of nginx in top of the apache web server which comes on cPanel servers. it’s kind of impossible to get rid of apache on a cPanel server! I mean it’s possible to replace it with nginx if you do your own customization but I never suggest it! so it’s better if you use nginx as a reverse proxy to handle the server requests, faster and better.

Ok to start installing nginxcp on your cPanel server first connect to your machine using SSH.

Change your current directory to /usr/local/src by using cd command.

cd /usr/local/src


Download the latest version of nginxcp from their website by using wget.



once the nginxadmin.tar file is placed on your disk extract it using tar.

tar xf nginxadmin.tar


navigate to the created publicnginx folder.

cd publicnginx


run the installer file

./nginxinstaller install


How to install nginx on cPanel


once the install is successful you will be seeing a result like above! follow their direction and restart your httpd to start nginxcp.

if you got some python incompatibilty error while you started the installer script just run pythonfix which is in the same folder!



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