How to Remove new Gmail categories/tabs


Are you annoyed with the category tabs of new Gmail too? Follow my steps to get the old style inbox back within 1 minute.

1. Open your Gmail account and go to setting.

2. Go to inbox tab.

3. Uncheck the tabs you want!

That’s it! now you will see all your Emails together!

Enjoy your weekends!

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pg.lost Crystaline

They don’t talk anymore…
They haven’t blow for so long…
The winds are tired…
a Lonely dark sunset…
Me and a bitter smoke…
Dreaming of winds…
To blow in my mind…
They are not goanna blow again…
Looking to the sky…
With an empty mind…
No poetic feelings..
They all have left us…

custom “php.ini” with PHP5 on Fastcgi

If you use FastCGI (called FCGI too,) as a PHP Loader on a server you won’t be able to set custom php values into .htaccessfile. instead you will have to create a wrapper for the main FCGI binary which makes the php.ini loaded from it’s current working directory instead of server-wide one! to achieve that follow this instructions.

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Become root in Ubuntu

By default the root login is disabled by ubuntu and all other debian based distro’s of Linux. bypassing it is possible but it is highly discouraged by Ubuntu creators! so the tool which is available for you is “sudo” which launches your commands as root! but what if you want to get into root shell! It’s easy as typing “sudo –s” ! just type it, enter your root password and that’s it! you are now officially root!