Malaysian bank account for foreigners

I have no idea what does Malaysia thinks with himself that doesn’t let foreigners to have bank accounts in the country without holding visa types of student, employment or permanent. Most of the grown countries in the world now let anyone who enter their borders to have a bank account as long as they have their identity documents. Well I guess they are scared of someone investing money in their country as they might lose, this is how does Malaysians government logic is.

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Before you can perform print-related tasks such as page setup or printing a document, you need to install a printer.

adobe reader

This is an issue that happened to lots of adobe acrobat users, the issue is when you attempt to perform a print in adobe reader, you will immediately receive a message saying “Before you can perform print-related tasks such as page setup or printing a document, you need to install a printer.” and does not let you to access printing dialog. Yesterday my dad computer ran into the same problem after a clean windows install, as the adobe reader installed on his system was the latest version, there were no doubt that it won’t be fixed with any sort of upgrade. So I had to find for an alternative solution, after spending some time on searching for this issue and the solution, I found many websites believe this can be fixed by changing the default printer. Basically the steps they were suggesting were:

  1. close adobe reader
  2. open your printer and devices
  3. right click on another printer (can be virtual as well) and set that one as your default printer
  4. open adobe acrobat again and attempt the print
  5. on the print dialog select your desired printer and continue with your print


Well it would be nice if that could work, but unfortunately that didn’t give me the result I want and I still was getting that annoying message. what I had in my mind was however adobe wants to detect the printers will follow accessing to read their configuration, so it means adobe must be attempting to access windows. As by normal it should be done without any problem I thought maybe there is a glitch here, so I wanted to make sure that it does access to all system properties with full permission. I right-clicked on the Adobe Reader icon on my desktop and tried to launch it as administrator. After I opened it with administrator privileges I attempt to print and yea, there was a good news there for me. The printing dialog was there, thus I selected my desired printer and continued my printing task.

So basically one of the steps to overcome that issue is to run Adobe Reader with Administrator permissions.

hope this helps if you ran into the same problem. have a good day everyone.

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  • before you can perform print related tasks such as page setup or printing a document you need to install a printer

Best Web Hosting Choices

Top Hosting Companies

if you are looking for a good and affordable hosting solution for you website to get online you should take a look at my list, I’ve brought you  a list of 4 top hosting companies which you can use their awesome services for your current or new web project. This list are using best softwares and hardwares to provide their services. they are using cPanel to provide hosting access to their clients which is a big positive point for me.

InMotion Hosting

InMotion is one of the best choices for those who are looking all in one business hosting solutions. their prices are a bit higher than the rest of the list.


Bluehost is one of the most popular hosting companies in world that has hosted more than 1 million website till now. they provide unlimited hosting and unlimited traffic services for a small amount of  $4.95 usd.


Host monster is also one of the most popular hosting companies which is very similar to bluehost, this company has the same management with bluehost and they provide the same services of unlimited disk storage and unlimited traffic for $4.95  too. they also provide free domain together with their hosting services.


Hostgator also provides good and affordable hosting solutions, they also provide virtual private servers and dedicated servers services, not like bluehost and hostmonster, hostgator has more hosting option with different costs.


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Encrypted search terms


I was surfing around and checking my stats while struggling with insomnia in the bed when I found this “encrypted search terms” in my WordPress stats. Well yeah I couldn’t see what search term made some of these visitors to come to my website but somehow I felt safe with seeing this term in my stats. Yeah it gave me a good feeling of what I’m searching while I’m in Google (with SSL turned ON of course).