Entropay suspended my Account due to imaginary chargebacks


it was almost a year that I was using Entropay, not in a big size but for small transactions. All I had done through them was less than 200 bucks within this year. I was using them to make payment to some merchants which I didn’t want to provide them my real card numbers. Anyway on 13th of November after I reached home I found an Email coming from EntroPay in my inbox that is saying “Your Username is (X) and Your Account is Suspended.)

They also mentioned all the balance I had in my accounts will be refunded to my card soon.

Well that is not satisfying at all, They are just telling me my account is suspneded without stating any reason, Why the heck should that be suspended? So I went ahead and asked myself. I replied that email but I did not get any feedback. As I deeply expected some auto generated email in return of my mail I tried sending another email and asking them for the reason of my account suspension.

What did I receive in return? Another email that saying My account is suspended with the exact same content inside it.

Finally Someone bothered to answer me in few days and told me that they have received 3 chargebacks from my bank against the payments I have done to them, he was saying either I asked for the chargebacks (me cheating them) or my bank trying to investigate and check if the payments were legitimate. and He said they were sending my money back to the bank.

I replied him that I do not wish to get my money back and I want to continue using that service because I already have accounts in different website associated with my entropay cards.

He asked me to check with the bank and I called my bank right away,  after I told my bank about the incident they went through the payments and they told me there is no issue with these payments and they have been received by the merchant. They denied any kind of chargebacks against those payments. but it seems it wasn’t enough for entropay. I mailed them and told them my bank is saying these payments were successful, I also attached an screenshot from my online statement showing them all the 3 payments of pre-auth, refund for pre-auth and sale one.

surprisingly they asked me for a proof of my communication with my bank. I was like being insulted as I am lying to them. I showed them the number and call logs that I was talking to my bank for almost half an hour but they said it’s not good enough. They asked me to ask my bank to send me an email saying that there was no chargebacks, they said also they will not contact my bank in any condition and I have to do it all by my own.

So I called my bank and I told them about this and they said they cannot provide anything like this on Email. I’m using Maybank here and every time I call them they ask a long list of verification questions to make sure it’s me, I also doubt they provide anything in email.

When I told this to Entropay they said they cannot do anything and they require me to send an email proof to them. So I went ahead and emailed my bank about it, They replied me about they have read my mail and they gave me a case number to follow up the case. I went ahead and forwarded that email to entropay and bingo, Entropay unsuspended my account.

I thought I have put it behind, but when I logged in my account I saw my balance is $0.00 while it supposed to be hundred and over. I emailed them again regarding the balance and guess what did I get in return? shortly after emailing them about the balance I received another email saying my Account is suspended. All like past emails. I emailed them about this and they came up with this ridiculous answer that:

I am sorry, but after careful consideration we have decided not to approve your account application and for this reason your account has been suspended.

Yes, thats it, after more than 7 days being busy with emails and bank calls I have lost my entropay account because they decided not to approve my account. what caused it? chargebacks that they did not even exists. Imaginary chargebacks that caused entropay to suspend my account.

By the way I received their refund into my bank, Although I lost the commission fees they used to take while charging virtual cards, but still they refunded the balance.

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