Wrapping up 2022

Most of us can agree 2022 wasn’t a regular one, probably most of us were looking forward to its start, saying goodbye to the pandemic’s restrictions and looking to a new beginning.

But once again the unexpected happened, the unwelcome war started right when we were getting used to normal life again.

With all the crazy things happening around the world, a period of hard times started. Raise of energy prices followed by economical changes is a topic that is hard to skip when talking to friends nowadays.

Having a lot to think about the future this year, I learned more and more every day to be grateful and happy about small things in life, with those happy moments I have with friends around me.

The ongoing situation in Iran and the gruesome acts of the Iranian government against our people is as well something that has kept my mind restless for the past couple of months, it is extremely difficult not to follow the news even if it costs me constant nightmares and fear over the safety of my parents and loved ones and other innocent people in the country.

But yet, when I started writing this post and thought about my past year, I was able to find moments and achievements that made my year worthwhile.

in 2022:

🎶 I went to 2 post-rock festivals and 2 amazing post-rock concerts
👨🏻‍💻 I’ve spent more time working on my pet projects than in the past few years.
🥉I’ve worked on great things at work, built new tools, and been promoted.
🎹 I started to practice music regularly.
🧳 I traveled to 4 new countries
🏥 I’ve finally taken the long pending hernia surgery
💑 I’ve made great friends
📚 I’ve finished reading 4 books.

remembering all those, I’m ready for what lies ahead in 2023, I, You, and everyone else are going to rock the coming years.

So Happy New Year my friends. 🙌🏻

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