Love! Pain! Promise!


I’ve never wanted all these pain.

I was not afraid of anything when I put my lips on your lips.

My only fear was if you leave and I lose you

Because I was the one who always said, I’ll never leave you

You said I am the one who owns you.

Now its me and the nightmares I always was afraid of, which I always scared when you were promising me. it is me awake all the night, feeling how cruel is the world.

Come here, Closer, right now, slow, take my soul, even for a second bring me to a world that is just like a vision or a dream, somewhere clocks are not looking at us. they are not moving and it is me and you. where time doesn’t exist.

Come slowly and pull me out from this body! come and take me without letting anyone know!

Come … Slowly … Be here … Do not let anyone knows …

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