Link manager is missing in new WordPress


Installed a new wordpress site and found the “Links” feature is missing? stop blinking your eyes! it’s true. WordPress has removed this feature since update version 3.5.

But sites which were using it before will still have it after upgrade. seems like they did this to make the menus more simple for those who are not using this feature!

Link Manager or Old Blogroll is now available as a plugin.  don’t worry about the version update, it works!

How to remove all core files in Linux / Unix Systems

A while ago I posted an article regarding how to stop core files in cPanel servers to be generated at here. Well in order to complete that tutorial assuming these files are generated on your disk and are using your free space, I’m going to show you how to find all core files and remove them at once!

First of all to complete this you require root permission!  login to your box and run following command :


You may need to wait for a while if you have a lot of accounts and websites on your server! well that’s it! you’ve got ride of these files!

you should remember these files generate due to script fails! its best for you to look for the issue that caused this files to be generated before attempting to remove them.

remove all core files in linux

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