Giant and Killer hornets!

Asian Giant Hornet.

This thing totally deserves a WTF right? since July this flying monster has caused death for more than 42 people and injuring more than 1700 people in China! This big bees don’t lose their stingers after the attack, which means they can sting you as many times as they want to!

This monsters of china are Asian Giant Hornets which grow to an average of 3.7cm length. it’s reported that the queens are even bigger! The hornet’s venom contains a neurotoxin which dissolves human tissue. Sadly, Chen Changlin know all about it. While he survived a hornets attack recently.

“I ran and shouted for help, but the hornets chased me about 200m, and stung me for more than three minutes,” – He said.

"The more you run, the more they want to chase you," another hornet victim said. When this man was admitted to hospital, his urine was the colour of soy sauce, CNN reports.

Two Asian giant hornets kissing or plotting mass murder or something. Photo: KENPEI

well I hope none of these appear in Malaysia. Sad smile

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