Adblock Breaks websites!

Well hello everyone! I am quiet sure you all know about this new plugin which is popular between chrome and any other webkit based browser called adblock which actually removes the advertisements from websites. after forgetting the fact that this plugin hurts most of the webmasters whose income is coming from advertisements using adblock actually feels good when you are not being annoyed of having advertisements on YouTube and …

Well the plugin does the job well most of the times but some times there are missing items on websites that you may not find it’s caused by the plugin. Basically rather than sites like YouTube and Google ads adblock finds every image that is named ad as an advertisement! so let say if I rename the logo of my website to ad.png and link it to my own website you won’t be able to see it! it is just an example and you may think that does not occur much but it happens some times when you are looking for the missing download link in a page! or something like this:


well yeah that suppose to be looking like this:


well it clearly shows that the lovely plugin is not smart enough to differentiate the website objects with advertisements! everything that is containing the word of ad is being blocked and not being loaded by this plugin! if you are seeing some website is acting weird I suggest you to troubleshoot the problem disable this plugin first and refresh the page! it may help a lot!

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