mosquitoes and hairspray: I’m the night’s hero

There is a small window in my bathroom and that is the source of problem! Now I’m blaming it because I forget to turn off the bathroom light every night after using it! I hate those flying devils! even their sound is scary! One is enough for you to turn your entire night into hell. If you don’t believe me try it yourself, but I wont be responsible for the result!

I went to bathroom just now! the light was open! and I saw them all sticking into my wall! damn it man… what if they get into the room! I wish I could take revenge. but how! There it is, the hairspray is blinking to me! I’m taking it slowly before they fly away! I’m shaking it slowly! and then boom… Yeah bitches… The hair spray doesn’t works good for styling my hair only… Thats what you do deserve! I hope there is no community that seeks peace of mosquitoes, because even if it exists I wouldn’t give a damn.

I’m heading to bed now! Hoping their friend not to come after me for revenge.

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