Opera is going to shut down My Opera Service

it is a sad news but it’s official that Opera is going to shut down My Opera service which was being used by a lot of Opera users and fans on 1st of March 2014. The official announcement regarding the shutdown schedule has been posted on Opera desktop blog at 31th of October.

My Opera was a social network came from the support community of Opera browser users. It was providing services like blogs, forums, emails and photo gallery to it’s users. Most of the Opera users used their My Opera login to use features of Opera Unite and Opera Link. Opera unite seems to be missing since the new generation of Opera (starting from Opera 15) published to the world for download.

I personally will miss My Opera. as they have mentioned in their blog the reason that they are doing it is because there are alot of bigger social networks out there that can be provide features that My Opera cant. in my idea the only point that could keep “My Opera” different from others was that it was exclusive. It was a place that everybody you knew would be Opera users.

Here is their official announcement about what is going to happen to My Opera. You might need to backup your galleries, blogs before Opera removes them all.


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