9 Google Service that you did not know about!


Google Services
Hello everyone! today I’m going to introduce you 9 services that Google Provides and I bet you did not know about them before reading this post!


So are you ready to reveal Google?


I’m sure all of you have used or heard about Google Earth before! Well Google Mars is a Service with exact same features of Google Earth but in for the Mars Planet! Yeah you are reading it correct! Google allows you to watch Mars.

#2 Google Scholar

Google Scholar Provides you ability to search in journals and articles published around the world! If you are a student and you are looking for information’s to contain in your research I suggest you to check Google Scholar Right now!Google Art Project

#3 Google Art Project

This service allows you to have a virtual trip to the Art museums around the world!

#4 Google Transliterate

Google Transliterate allows you to type in different languages without having the language support in your computer!

#5 Google Think

if you are in marketing you should check it out! its the best source for insights, trends & research in digital marketing.

#6 Power Searching with Google

This service allows you to grow your searching skill with Google search!

#7 Google Schemer

Schemer is part of Google. First, connect to the people you care about using Google+. Then use Schemer to get recommendations and rally your friends to do awesome stuff.

#8 Google Sound Search

This service tells you the name of what song you are currently playing.

#9 Google Moderator

it’s a Forum like that lets users to create topics, join and discuss about them!


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