Google Nexus 5 is here and I still did not buy the 4!

It’s really sucks! I’ve been having this decision in my mind to purchase the Google Nexus 4 around 5 month ago but since the financial problems made the border of my shopping’s a too tight I’ve delayed that decision! Well now the Nexus 5 is here and I still did not purchase the 4th edition! It totally sucks and unfair! Studying abroad should be a nice time! But since I’m being abused by my country situation and money growing down I cannot ever cover up the needs, even though I’m working! All I am earning lately are being paid right away for debts, bills and so on!

Well anyway I’m sure it’s goanna be so expensive here in Malaysia since it’s just launched! Anyway good for those who are going to get it in near days! Click here to see the nexus 5 release news and specs.

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