Backup a Virtual Machine in Vmware Player

The best solution to backup a virtual machine in vmware player is to copy the hard drive and all the settings and configuration files. well most of the time a snapshot of a virtual machine comes handy when you miss something and currept the current one! likely installing a bad ware or for example getting infected with viruses. Well since vmware player as a free software that provides virtual machine environments doe not support snapshots like his bigger brother vmware workstation the only solution is to copy the virtual machine files. In windows based operation systems they are usually located in My Documents folder under Virtual Machines. There you will see the name of your virtual machine as a folder and you can attempt to copy that folder to somewhere else. but there are some practices that make it more safe.

  • make sure you do the copying process while your virtual machine is powered off. so there will be no dumped file that can cause problem later.
  • make sure you are copying all the file, not just the hard disk. copy entire virtual machine folder. for example if your virtual machine name is windows xp inside the virtual machines folder, copy the whole thing.

Hope it helps you out.


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